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Nadeem Chaudhry

Nadeem ChaudhryNadeem ChaudhryNadeem Chaudhry

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about nadeem law office:

Nadeem Law Office is headed by M. Nadeem Chaudhry, a lawyer in Canada. Nadeem is a member in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario, Canada. He completed his law graduation degree from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 2001. In 2002 he became a Barrister-at-Law after completing his Bar Vocational Course at the Inns of Court School of Law, England. Nadeem has practised law for over 14 years and runs his own law firm in Toronto, Canada. He is primarily a Canada immigration lawyer, with occasional work in real estate, wills & estate, and business law. Immigration applicants from around the world have used Nadeem's immigration expertise to make Canada their permanent home. Nadeem is also a Notary Public and Oath Commissioner in Ontario, Canada. 

Nadeem frequently visits UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait to meet and assist his clients achieve their Canada immigration goals.  

Immigration laws in Canada are one of the most complex areas of Canadian legal jurisprudence. Choosing the right immigration lawyer and a workable immigration strategy are the most vital decisions an applicant has to take. Trivial mistakes can delay or even derail your application process. Your application may be rejected simply for not knowing an important fact about procedure or law. Moreover, changes in immigration laws and regulations occur swiftly and often dramatically, and information about these changes is often too informal or is hard to discover and understand. Our training and experience in the Canadian legal system enable us to have a thorough understanding of such changes, and apply our resources to every new client file in ways that maximize the chances of success. 

Submitting your application through Nadeem Law Office means you have a qualified Canada immigration lawyer at your side through the entire process. We will guide you through every form, documentation, checklists and evidence requirements. We will make sure your application meets all criteria and evidence requirements. We identify the mistakes and omissions in the application and sort them out straight away. We handle all communication with the immigration department. You do not have to worry about your application process each step of the way. We will look after you and make your immigration to Canada as easy and stress-free as possible. Most importantly, we can represent you in all courts & tribunals of Canada for immigration appeals and judicial review hearings. 

Nadeem Law Office

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