Skilled Workers


Under Federal Skilled Worker category, your application will be assessed on the basis of six selection factors including applicant’s education, age, language ability, work experience, arranged employment in Canada, and other factors showing your ability to smoothly settle in Canada (adaptability). Points are awarded under each selection factor, and in order to qualify you must score at least 67 points out of total 100 points.However, before you are judged against these six selection factors, you must fulfill some basic conditions as well, such as:

  1. Your work experience (obtained during last 10 years) must fall under type 0, A or B of the Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC).
  2. You must meet minimum language requirement (English and/or French) and have demonstrated your language ability through an approved language test. In case of English, you must have achieved minimum IELTS score of 6.0 in each module and your language result report should not be older than two years on the date your application is submitted;
  3. Your education obtained out of Canada must be evaluated by an approved Canadian Credential Assessment agency, certifying equivalence of your foreign qualification against education level in Canada.
  4. You must show that you have enough funds available to support yourself and any dependents after arrival in Canada.
  5. You must not be inadmissible in Canada. This means you should never be involved in any crime or human rights violations, or in any other activity making you inadmissible in Canada. Possible grounds of refusal may include security concerns, health issues, financial reasons etc.

Scoring minimum 67 points and fulfilling other criteria mentioned above will not however guarantee that you will obtain permanent residence. Once you are score minimum 67 points, you will have to apply through the Express Entry system which has its own Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to select candidates who are invited to apply for permanent residence through Invitation to Apply (ITA). 


This immigration stream allows individuals with work experience in a specific skilled trade (see list below) to obtain Canadian permanent residence. In order to qualify you must have at least two years (or equivalent) of full-time work experience in an eligible skilled trade obtained within last five years. You must also meet certain other requirements, such as:

  1. You must have a Certificate of Qualification from a provincial or territorial body in Canada OR a job offer from up to two employers in Canada; and
  2. You must have minimum language proficiency in English and/or French (Canadian Language Benchmark level 5 for speaking and listening, and level 4 for reading and writing), and you should be able to demonstrate your language skills through approved language test.

Only applicants having at least two years’ work experience in the following skilled trades are eligible to apply:

  1. NOC Group 72: Industrial, electrical and construction trades,
  2. NOC Group 73: Maintenance and equipment operation trades,
  3. NOC Group 82: Technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production,
  4. NOC Group 92: Processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators,
  5. NOC Group 632: Chefs and cooks; and
  6. NOC Group 633: Butchers and bakers.


Under this program temporary foreign workers in Canada can apply for permanent residence. If you are a temporary foreign worker with required duration of full-time skilled work experience in Canada, you may apply for Canadian permanent residence under this category. Skilled work experience means you should have worked for at least 12 months in Canada in a NOC skill type 0, A or B job.You must show your intention to live outside the province of Quebec, and must also fulfill minimum language requirements (English or French). In case of NOC skill type 0 and A jobs, language requirement is CLB 7. In case of NOC skill type B jobs, language requirement is CLB 5.


A Work Permit will allow someone to work temporarily in Canada. Work permit is issued to an individual who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and who wishes to work temporarily in Canada. In case of nationals or residents of many countries, applicant will also have to obtain a temporary resident visa to travel to and work in Canada. You will have to submit an application at the relevant visa office, and will have to satisfy the visa officer that you meet the requirements of a temporary resident visa, such as:

  1. Your employer has obtained positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) letter from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC);
  2. You will leave Canada at the end of your employment;
  3. You have sufficient funds to support your stay in Canada;
  4. You are not medically unfit to travel to Canada; and
  5. You have no adverse criminal history.

Your spouse and dependent children can also accompany you to Canada. If you are working in Canada on a work permit, and your existing job is extended or changes, you must apply to change conditions of your work permit. We can assist you achieve these tasks in a professional manner. Work permit only allows you to live in Canada temporarily. If you intend to live permanently in Canada and later get Canadian citizenship, you have to apply for permanent residence status either from within Canada while you are working here, or you can return back to your home country and apply for permanent residence. There are different options you can consider. For example, once you have gained work experience in Canada, you may qualify for Canadian permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class, or one of the Provincial Nominee Programs offered by different provinces in Canada.


We also assist applicants and employers to submit applications for temporary or permanent residence through the Provincial Nomination Programs. These programs are designed by different Canadian provinces in light of their specific labor market needs. Currently we are offering our services for the following provincial programs:

  • Ontario - Foreign Worker Stream
  • Ontario - International Student Stream
  • Ontario - In Demand Skills Stream
  • Ontario - Masters Graduate Stream 
  • Ontario - French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream (operated through Express Entry System)
  • Ontario - Human Capital Priorities Stream (operated through Express Entry System)
  • Ontario - Skilled Trades Stream (operated through Express Entry System)

  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Category (including Farmer Category)

  • Alberta Express Entry Stream

  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration - Regional Pilot