Family Class Immigration


If you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, you may apply to sponsor your spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner to come to Canada. There are no minimum income requirements for sponsorship, however you will be required to demonstrate your ability to support your spouse financially after their arrival in Canada. If you are not employed or do not have any source of income, you should be able to explain how you plan to support your spouse. You will also have to meet certain other program requirements. You can benefit from our vast experience in spousal applications, appeals and other complications in such cases.


If you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, you may apply to sponsor your parents to come to Canada. You will have to meet certain requirements including minimum income levels depending on your existing family size in Canada. The Federal government of Canada accepts a limited number of application every year under this category. For year 2019, only those applicants will be selected who successfully submitted an online expression of interest. The expression of interest submissions opened in early 2019 for a very brief period of time (few minutes only). The Federal government will allow a maximum 20,000 applications in 2019. If you have not already submitted an expression of interest, you will have to wait for the new application cycle in early 2020. However, if you plan to submit application in 2020, you should start work now and make sure you have all the relevant documents and information ready before the systems re-opens in few months. 

If you do not currently qualify to sponsor your parents, you should consider obtaining a Super Visa for your parents, which will allow them to stay with you in Canada for a longer period of time (2 years). Other alternative options may be available to your parents, such as business immigration or skilled worker immigration (provided your parents fulfill the required eligibility criteria).


If you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, you may invite your parents or grand parents in Canada on Super Visa. This visa is for 10 years' duration, with a maximum single stay of two (2) years in Canada. You will have to meet minimum income level, and purchase at least one year's medical insurance in Canada for your parents. You parents may also have to take medical examination. Income requirements are updated at the start of every year. Click here to see latest income requirements for Super Visa. 


Dependent children, both natural and adopted, may be sponsored to live with their parent(s) as permanent residents in Canada. In this case the parent(s) will be the sponsor in the application. The parent(s) and the sponsored child will be required to prove their relationship with each other.


You may be able to sponsor certain other relatives to immigrate to Canada if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, are at least 18 years old, and will be able to support your relative financially when they arrive in Canada. Ability to support means you will be able to take care of your relative's basic needs, such as food, shelter and clothing etc.

Whom you can sponsor?

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible to sponsor your spouse, common law partner, dependent child, parents, or certain other relatives. 

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